Lacee Chagnon

Guruz Fitness Studio

Guruz is a low attitude, high performance living fitness studio. The first in the Jackson area to feature Gamification, Heart Rate, Calorie Burn, and Effort Based Workouts.

Group personal training, effort based workouts with the use of heart rate technology and gamification. Choose between 45 or 60 minutes. We also provide 30 minute virtual cardio and boxing circuits.

Group Reformer Pilates Functional Classes that feature the Pilates repertoire with a twist. In this circuit style format you will work in a HIIT format to keep the heart rate up while maintaining fundamental movements focusing on the need for core activation, mobility and stability.

Nutritional Coaching with Precision Nutrition. Used by the world's best fitness professionals and organizations. You can exercise all you want, but until you change your nutrition and start eating better, you won't get great results. Learn how to take control of your nutrition and transform your "bad habits" into a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Training. Your insurance may cover (call for details).

"I've never been able to reach the health goals Denise and the staff at Guruz has helped me reach over such a short amount of time. Definitely most educated trainers around!" Jessica T.
"I came to The Clinic at 51 years old and in bad shape. With 4 kids and a career, I had to ignore my physical needs. When I started I couldn't do a sit up or last long on the bike. Guruz is a great way to start wherever you are and do whatever you can." Lee L.
"I joined THE CLINIC, now GURUZ on 9/11/13 weighing 169 ... And this morning I weighed in at 145 and I am MUCH stronger and fit... Love the trainers !!" Angela T.
"As a self-proclaimed "gym rat" I have visited numerous fitness studios in and out of the state of Mississippi. I can honestly say that Guruz Fitness Studio is BY FAR the best workout experience I've ever had. I have visited other fitness studios that utilize heart rate monitors as part of their program too, but I DID NOT get the same workout. I burned less calories during a 60 minute session and I contribute this difference to the amazing and knowledgeable trainers at Guruz Fitness Studio. The workouts are always different and challenge us which makes it fun and exciting!! I highly recommend Guruz Fitness if you are looking to kick start or enhance your workout routine." Morgan D.
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