Lynn Ward

Are you ready to Feel Your Best so that you can Be Your Best?

Improve your Mind, Body and Spirit along the way to better health. Expand your full potential in your life by integrating integrity, leadership, and energy. Both your personal and professional life will benefit from more awareness and intentional and practical methods for whole health.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, advance at work, find purpose, decrease stress or improve your overall health, I’m available for one-on-one consultation, group presentations, and public speaking. Through sessions, that connect using a variety of resources, such as online engagement, phone calls, or one-to-one meetings, I offer guidance to client-friends on their personal path to wellness and effectiveness.

To get ahead, you need the right tools to get where you are going. Whether it’s weight loss, to meet a fitness goal, or leadership counseling to meet a professional goal, feeling Well and Being Prepared are two key components in any advancement.

Commit to healthy habits that nurture your drive. Meet goals and add meaning to your life by increasing energy levels and strengthening mental focus. In a world full of opportunities for commitments, let me help you make committing to your own goals a top priority.

Whole Health

Diet fads can deplete our bodies of important nutrition. I’ll guide you using a functional, lifestyle medicine approach to improving your health. Placing a strong emphasis on nutrition, my approach ensures a deeper improvement to mind, body, AND spirit. After all, feeling our best and being our best brings wholeness.

Additionally, we can discuss whole person health with the elements including physical, environmental, emotional, and spiritual as interconnected pieces that impact your life and health.

Feel your BEST to BE your BEST!!

What Can You Expect?

  • Brain food – sharpening focus and memory
  • Weight Loss – sharpening fitness and agility
  • Super Foods – where are they and how do we get them?
  • Longevity Lifestyle – inviting healthy choices instead of illness and chronic disease
  • Spiritual: Finding Purpose in order to maintain hope and stay connected to what is important in your life.
  • Emotions: Tools for Managing Stress and Difficult Situations
  • Physical: Focused Information on How Bodily Systems Work Together and the Importance of an Active Lifestyle

Leadership Concepts

Make that important first impression EVERY time by improving interpersonal skills. I’ll work with you to improve communication, personal and corporate etiquette, and necessary skills that will enable you to be impressive from the start. Stand out as a speaker, master the fine art of small talk, and learn the skills of great leaders:

  • Time Management/Organization
  • Handling Stress
  • Body Language
  • Communication/Presentation Skills
  • Hope/Attitude
  • Interviewing
  • Customer Service
  • Personality Assessment and Comprehensive Results
  • Skills and Techniques to Sharpen Focus and Strengthen Memory
  • Common Courtesies in the Workplace and Social Settings
  • First Impressions
  • Integrity
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