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Osteostrong is not a gym, drug, diet, or supplement, It is the first natural approach to reversing osteoporosis, based off of Wolff’s law. We have documented results of 14% increase on average in bone density in the first year This achieved through a process of osteogenic loading performed on the patented bio density machine developed by Dr. John Jaquish. Osteogenic loading is the self-compression of bone mass at optimal positioning. When this happens your bones and muscles become denser and also creates better nerve conductivity.

Not only do we improve bone and muscle density and nerve conductivity, we improve balance, agility, increase metabolism and oxygen delivery to bodily tissues, enhance the hormonal system (HGH, Testosterone, and Serotonin), decrease back and joint pain and the stress hormone cortisol. We have discovered that we also decrease the A1c in type 2 diabetics as much as 0.6 points in 24 weeks.

This is a once a week, 7 minute stimulation of your body’s natural adaptive responses to a healthier you. It is safe for all ages, come dressed as you are in most cases ( no need for gym clothes).

This is designed for the fast pace world we live in today. Call at the number below or go on the website listed and even look us up on you tube and see the many testimonials of individuals who have benefitted from this new concept of health, wellness, and fitness.

"I've been going for 6 weeks now... This machine is unreal... I'm hooked! I feel better, and I'm getting stronger." Matthew W.
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