Stevey Gaddis

My motivation in life is to stay healthy, fit and mobile as long as possible. Teaching others how to improve their bodies and improve their ability to move better and with less pain is beneficial for the some cases even life-changing. All of us have habits that lead to muscular imbalances, compensation patterns and mobility issues. Some many of these issues can be corrected, but only if you know what the cause is. The methods I have studied can help anyone and everyone. From athletes to seniors...know your body, why it hurts and how you can make it better.


Foundation Training changed the way I worked with clients. Bodywork begins with the frame. The better aligned I can get an individual...the better their body will work mechanically. With better alignment the muscles chains will work better together. This is key in preventing imbalances, joint problems and pain. Once better alignment is achieved...better breathing patterns are added. This brings in more healing oxygen. This gets the diaphragm and pelvic floor it should be. Better breathing patterns help lengthen the spine and strengthen musculature. Now, a client will have control over the way they breathe, their posture and the way they move.

Better bodies lead to better health!

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Taking a stretch break at work by doing a "Founder"! Feels good!
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Poor movement versus proper movement. The brain and muscles can be re-programmed...we just have to give them the information.
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Working on our single leg patterns.
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Working on a hip hinge while getting a lot of back muscles involved. Look at the length in the spine and Lat area...while the hips, glutei and hamstrings are stretching and strengthen simultaneously! Great stuff happening here.

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