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Cassandra Newman - Yoga, HypnoBirthing & Doula Services

My aim as a conscious birth advocate is to assist women and their partners in pregnancy by sharing prenatal yoga to strengthen, relax and optimize body awareness; guidance through the HypnoBirthing techniques of self-hypnosis, positive affirmation, visualization, relaxation and breathing to aid in releasing fears and tension; as wells as during childbirth and the weeks that follow by providing consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect through individualized care based on circumstances and preferences.

As a birth doula, I offer continuous support to women in labor with the aim of achieving a safe, satisfying, and memorable birth experience. My role focuses on providing childbirth education, emotional and informational support, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, relaxation techniques, soothing touch and gentle massage, physical (non-medical) positioning guidance, and breastfeeding assistance.

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In 11 studies to evaluate yogic intervention in a sample of pregnant women, it was found that prenatal yoga provided significant benefits, and no adverse effects were reported. Significant findings from the randomized studies included an increase in infant birth weight, lower incidence of pregnancy complications, shorter duration of labor, and less pain among yoga practitioners. Significant findings from the non-randomized and qualitative studies included decrease in pain, improved quality of sleep, increased maternal confidence, and improved interpersonal relationships among pregnant women who practiced yoga. Although the body of research is limited, preliminary studies suggest that yoga may be effective in improving a myriad of birth outcomes for both mother and infant. Clinicians should feel confident in recommending yoga as a safe, healthy practice to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise during pregnancy. Further randomized controlled trials are needed to enhance our understanding of the benefits of yoga, and how to best incorporate the practice into prenatal care.

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